Wedding Cakes

CC’s Sweet Sensations is creating beautiful and unique custom wedding cakes and celebration cakes for all occasions.

Every wedding cake is designed to suit the personality and style of the individual and made with outstanding craftsmanship and close attention to detail. We want to make your special day an extraordinary memory!

Our friendly and professional cake and fountain services are carried out right from the initial consultation to the delivery ad setting up at the venue. We offer individual attention to every client working closely with wedding and event planners, and hotels and restaurants across Arizona to ensure that your wedding cake or celebration cake is perfect for you down to the very last detail.  As an added gift, every 3-tier cake serving 100+ will receive a free anniversary cake! Let us make your special day an extraordinary memory with a CC’s Sweet Sensations Wedding cake!

We want your stunning cake to wow you and your guests not only with style, but also with flavor. Below are some of our favorite cakes and fillings, but the combinations of flavors  are endless.

Our Cake Flavors:    Chocolate, Traditional White,  Almond,  Red Velvet, Carrot, Strawberry, Lemon, Yellow, Spice, Marble, Confetti  and  Lemon Poppyseed.

Premium Flavors: White Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Oatmeal,  Italian Wedding Cake, and Pink Champagne.

Our Cake Fillings Strawberry mousse, Chocolate chunk mousse, Vanilla Cream mousse, PeanutButter Buttercream, Mixed berry mousse, Cream cheese buttercream, Raspberry mousse, Strawberry mousse, Lemon mousse, Banana Cream pie mousse, Coconut Cream pie mousse, Strawberry Buttercream, Pina Colada mousse. And if you don’t see what you are looking for, We are always happy to custom make flavors tailored to you and your event.


Although we are a “By Appointment Only” bakery, we are available for calls or texts (602)882-9227  9a-5p for questions and quotes on cakes 7 days a week. If you would like to come by to talk, we are available most Thursdays and Fridays 9a-1p no appointment necessary.

*please note that during wedding & holiday seasons, we have more deliveries so feel free to text (602)882-9227 to be sure we are there 🙂

Sugar Cookies, Donut Walls, Cake Pops, Cotton Candy Stations and Dessert Buffets are now available!


francesca-ccs-sweet-sensationschris-ccs-sweet-sensationssucculents-ccs-sweet-sensationsccs-sweet-sensationsvanwinkle-ccs-sweet-sensationsribboned-ccs-sweet-sensationsburlap-ccs-sweet-sensationsjess-ccs-sweet-sensationsiralda-ccs-sweet-sensationsyellow-wedding-ccs-sweet-sensationswedding-flowers-ccs-sweet-sensationsstacey-ccs-sweet-sensationssmall-messy-ccs-sweet-sensationsgreen-wedding-ccs-sweet-sensations2-tone-wedding-ccs-sweet-sensationsred wedding - cc's sweet sensationsmichelle_-_ccs_sweet_sensationstopsy wedding - cc's sweet sensationspainted - cc's sweet sensationsrosedamask_-_ccs_sweet_sensationswedding-stencil-ccs-sweet-sensationsdestiny_-_ccs_sweet_sensationslee_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsrsz_cheryl_orchids_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsceleste_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsjade - cc's sweet sensationssofia2_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsdamask_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsmichelle_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsrhoda_-_ccs_sweet_sensationshowie_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsrustic_-_ccs_sweet_sensationssofia_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsyellow_-_ccs_sweet_sensationssmooth_-_ccs_sweet_sensationssherri_-_ccs_sweet_sensationsjennifer_-_ccs_sweet_sensationslydia - cc's sweet sensationslisa - cc's sweet sensationsandrea3- cc's sweet sensationsdoraluz- cc's sweet sensationsguadalupe - ccs sweet sensationsbecky - cc's sweet sensationslaura_-_ccs_sweet_sensationssomone - ccs sweet sensationssonya - ccs sweet sensationskarina_-_ccs_sweet_sensationskymbrely- cc's sweet sensationspatrick - cc's sweet sensationstyler - cc's sweet sensationsbeach wedding - cc's sweet sensationsneekar - cc's sweet sensationssharon - cc's sweet sensationspatrick - cc's sweet sensationsruffle - cc's sweet sensationsandrea2 - cc's sweet sensationssaraa - cc's sweet sensationssuzan - cc's sweet sensationsashley - cc's sweet sensationsrebecca - ccs sweet sensationsstacey - cc's sweet sensationsbree - cc's sweet sensationsashley - cc's sweet sensationsalex- cc's sweet sensstionskarinasuki - cc's sweet sensstionskylie- cc's sweet sensstionsdebbie- cc's sweet sensstionsblinglace- cc's sweet sensstionsaimee- cc's sweet sensstionsdani - cc's sweet sensationsangelica- cc's sweet sensationskelsey- cc's sweet sensationsbarbara- cc's sweet sensationsvonda - cc's sweet sensationsmaryclare - cc's sweet sensationsjessica- ccs sweet sensationsnohemi- ccs sweet sensationschandelier - cc's sweet sensationsalex - cc's sweet sensationsnicolee - cc's sweet sensationsteri - cc's sweet sensationslindsay - cc's sweet sensationssaraa - cc's sweet sensationsdb - cc's sweet sensationstux - cc's sweet sensationsruffles - cc's sweet sensationssharon - cc's sweet sensationssara2 - cc's sweet sensationsmegan - cc's sweet sensationsdelinda - cc's sweet sensationskayla - cc's sweet sensationsmargarite - cc's sweet sensationsmichael - cc's sweet sensationsjen-ccsweetsensationsemily-ccsweetsensationsmaria-ccsweetsensationsashley1 - cc's sweet sensationsnicole1 - cc's sweet sensationsfountain - cc's sweet sensationscali - cc's sweet sensationscake - cc's sweet sensations50th - ccs sweet sensationsjaz - cc's sweet sensationssharyn - cc's sweet sensationsmichelle - ccs sweet sensationsnicole - ccs sweet sensationsamy-cc's sweet sensationslisa - cc's sweet sensationssanfran-ccsweetsensationsjana - cc's sweet sensationsruffle-ccsweetsensationspriscilla-ccs sweet sensationsmarie-ccs sweet sensationscasey-ccs sweet sensationsmary1-ccs sweet sensationsdanielle2-cc's sweet sensationsdanielle-ccs sweet sensationssamantha-ccs sweet sensationsmiranda-ccs sweet sensationskatiebling-cc's sweet sensationsmaria-ccs sweet sensationssarah1-ccs sweet sensationscupcakes1-ccs sweet sensationstish-ccs sweet sensationsballjarcake-ccs sweet sensationsamber-ccs sweet sensationsbeach-ccs sweet sensations49 - cc's sweet sensationswedding cake-ccs sweet sensationslegowedding-cc's sweet sensationsamanda3-ccs sweet sensationsambe-ccs sweet sensationsbreanna-ccs sweet sensationsjess1-ccs sweet sensationsjess-ccs sweet sensationskim-ccs sweet sensationscara-ccs sweet sensationscindy-ccs sweet sensationsdatra-ccs sweet sensationskatie-ccs sweet sensationssherry-ccs sweet sensationsrachel-ccs sweet sensationsrachel3-ccs sweet sensationslisa - cc's sweet sensationsnicki - cc's sweet sensationcharissa - cc's sweet sensations50 - cc's sweet sensationstania-ccs sweet sensations41 - cc's sweet sensations40 - cc's sweet sensationswedding cake-ccs sweet sensationswedding cake-ccs sweet sensations